Sulawesi Kalossi Toraja

Cupping Notes: Sweet, slightly earthy, heavy body, low acid, notes of pepper and overall clean in profile.

Background: Sulawesi Kalossi Toraja coffee comes from within the Sesean Mountains in the southern Tana Toraja and North Toraja Regencies of this massive Indonesian island province. Sulawesi Kalossi Toraja growers have many conditions suitable for arabica, including volcanic soil, and thick forests that protect their coffee plants and maintain moisture. When it comes to flavor profile, processing is paramount, and one of the main differences between Sulawesi and other origins is just that–—Sulawesi (and Sumatran) growers are the world’s exclusive practitioners of the Semi-Washed / Wet Hulled (or Giling Basah) process.

Producer: Small Farms in the Toraja Region

Region: Toraja

Variety: Typica Hybrids & Catimor

Processing: Wet Hulled (Semi-Washed)

Altitude: 3,500 – 6,200 ft (1100-1900m)

Coffee Grading: AA

Harvest: June – December

Weight.75 lbs
Dimensions9 × 6 × 4 cm
Type of Roast


Type of Grind

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