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How does it work?

We approach coffee as we do wine, and want to teach you to do the same. The Coffee Club is for those who love to cup, evaluate and compare coffees…

After making an appointment we sit with you for approximately 60 to 90 minutes. This will allow you time to taste coffee samples from all over the world, write down the flavors, texture and notes you taste, and pick your favorites.

Taking your experience to the next level, we now begin blending. Now you are invited to taste two or three of your favorite picks mixed together at different proportions. This process allows you to design your own blend. When you have created a blend that you absolutely love, you’ll get to name it. We will allow you to describe its flavors and aromas on your personalized label. Then we will not only package it and send you home with a bag but we also will promote it on our website, storefront, and social media. Every time your coffee blend sells, we will pay you or donate a 10% to a charity or a non-profit organization.

White Labeling

We can package and label your blend with your logo, offering a wholesale price so you can retail in your shop or store.

Private Labeling

Custom Blending

Start by choosing coffees beans from our 22 different origins and mix them at different roast degrees to achieve a unique blend that makes your taste buds happy. 

You make money

If you don’t have a brick and mortar, no worries we sell for you. 

We sell your blend in our store and you get a 10% of the proceeds!! Or you can choose to share these proceeds with a charity or a non-profit organization. 

Book your tasting today

If you are interested in our wholesale partnership, your tasting is free of charge when purchasing 10 lbs of coffee. 

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