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Are you looking to get away from home but not comfortable dining in a restaurant? Is it your parents or a friend’s wedding anniversary, and you want to surprise them with something cozy and special? Or maybe you want to treat a friend to dinner and would like something more private and intimate?

Urbano Coffee Company is proud to announce that they have a new service to offer. We now provide a pool-side private getaway dinner for two. During the course of the pandemic, we are looking for ways to supplement the coffee shop business in response to the decrease in sales during the COVID-19 outbreak. 

Urbano’s new coffee shop location includes a jacuzzi and a pool facility. With this addition, available outdoor seating area has made it possible to follow CDC COVID-19 guidelines. 

For your private getaway dinner, you will have the opportunity to choose beforehand what your food preferences are. With an eight question survey, we can customize your dinner package. We will send you a couple options to choose from to ensure that you and your companion will enjoy this meal to the fullest.

Pricing is determined on the final chosen menu. Sounds tempting? In addition to the dinner package, you may decide to take a dip in the pool or soak in the jacuzzi.

We look forward in catering your special dinner.

Looking to book? Get an estimate.

In order to cater your special dinner, we ask that you fill out this survey questionnaire when you book. This is to insure that your dinner comes out amazing, memorable just how you deserve it. 

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