Uganda – Mt Elgon A 12 oz


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Light or French Roast Only Available for 5 lb Bags:


Uganda Mt Elgon A 

Cupping Notes: Spicy, citrusy acid and good body for an African coffee. Light, earthy and even woody flavors, but in a good way. Different than Kenya and other Africans – a very good coffee. Lighter roasts bring out a great floral aroma in the dry grounds.

Background: Our grade A Uganda Kapchorwa coffee comes from Uganda’s Kapchorwa district on the eastern border of neighboring Kenya. This is a high grown lot of washed, 100% shade canopy, mixed varietal arabica coffee. Almost a thousand individual farmers contribute to the overall lot. Each manages their own 1.0 hectare farm and is responsible for the production of about 1,000 arabica trees.

Producer: Small Farm Holders From Kapchorwa

District: Kapchorwa

Variety: SL14, SL34, KP423, Nyasaland, & Bugisu

Processing: Washed

Altitude: 5,400 – 7,200 ft (1650 – 2200m)

Coffee Grading: A

Harvest: October – January



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